Monday, November 5, 2012

Court Date 

 We were originally told we were waiting for the very LAST thing we needed before we could bring our kids home...the Supreme Court date that would grant us guardianship of the Fab Five. Well as it turns out, that is NOT the very last thing we needed. We now need TWO court dates...the first now being a hearing granting a legal custodian to the children, and the second one will be( after said legal custodian reviews our case) legal guardianship to us. Well we just heard our Custodian case will be heard on November 13... It should be a one day no brainier. That SAME day, we were told, the custodian will ask for a court date for the guardianship date. We we told that court date should take no more than two weeks... Please, if there is anyone out there after 3-1/2 years of trying to bring these kids home that still read this journal and believes in prayer, please,please, please pray with us that these kids can come home before Christmas. We have been talking with them every single week since last December, and they are MORE than ready to come home. We are MORE than ready for them to come home.