About His Grace

Aaaaah yes...it is all about His Grace.

Let me tell you right up front that for most of my life I believed I was disqualified...DEFINITELY DISQUALIFIED from the life I now live. In my younger years I had broken every one of the commandments..every. single. one.
 And I was the girl who was raised and firmly believed that, HEY! You made your bed, now lie in it ~  I never remotely considered or expected that my life would ever be different because *I*  had made all those bad choices and oh, how they had enslaved me.

But what a sweet surprise was waiting for me! A Savior was pursuing me...adamantly...relentlessly...pursuing me and quietly persuading this lost lamb through the efforts of a Godly sister that there was indeed hope for a different and better life. I just needed to stop being so prideful in believing that my sins were greater than His forgiveness could ever be and accept His free gift. Could it really be that simple? Turns out it was ~ and then Because of His Grace, He set me free me from my chains and re-awoke in my heart those plans and dreams He had for me all along...the ones I had long ago dismissed as impossible.

Today, while I still struggle daily with my selfishness Because of His Grace, I am living the impossible...I am married to my best friend, David,  and I work full-time at the best job I think there is  ~ being  Mom to our many children. Outside my job of raising and training our children, I am a passionate advocate for the orphan and we have been incredibly blessed to have added four children (so far) to our family by the miracle of adoption.
This is what I was created for ~ my call is to the care of the orphan and this is my spot on the wall in His Kingdom. Thus, a great deal of this journal will be about the ups and downs of life with a large family and advocating for adoption.
But discovering my purpose in life has been so immensely rewarding I am also compelled in these writings of mine to share with others that THIS is where real life and joy can be found...in serving others.
Now, as passionate as we are about adoption and orphan care, we also realize that is only one of the many, many places that still need to be filled by those who are willing to be the Hands and Feet of Him who we love to the "least of these..." Matthew 25: 34-40.

Jesus wants every single one of us imperfect, sinful creatures to press hard into Him and be living a Grace-filled, impossible life. There, we all will find and take our place in advancing His Kingdom "on earth (in our time)...as it is in Heaven."

Dear friends ~ Have you found your passion yet? Where is your spot on the wall? Let's get to know each other and share our love and passions, shall we?

Blessings of Grace be yours ~ Regina

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