Meet the family

We're a "Yours, Mine and Ours" kinda family.
Initially, some kids were his...and some were mine...and then we married, and we attempted to blend them together (sometimes successfully...other times, not so much so). Still, we NEVER believed in doing the "step" thing. Blending is excruciatingly difficult on a good day, much less throw in those those much maligned by Disney, "step" tags that mean you're the bad/unwanted " not really mine" moniker around. Well if you ask me anyway. After awhile when the blending was less like oil and water and more like a chunky smoothie, we decided to pursue a hidden dream AND kick it up a notch by adding the sweet n'spicy glue that really, truly made everyone Ours by adopting our youngest children from Asia. This brought the total of our progeny up to the current incredible number of thirteen children, all born from eight different mothers. Here is a picture from Father's Day this year that miraculously has twelve of the thirteen current kiddoes.

Another pic of our funny crew from that same day...

Hopefully, this upcoming year of 2012 will see our blender become even less homogeneous with the addition to our family of the 5 siblings we have been trying to adopt since 2009. Stay tuned for that very cool new family picture!