Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello there!

If you have popped over from our family website, A Quiverfull and Then Some hoping to find our new home you have succeeded! As I mentioned in the last post, we have changed our journal name to Because of His Grace for the reasons listed in that last entry. In case you missed it, I will add all that to a page here. I will also be copying some of our pages from You Belong  over to here as how we got here is essential to understanding this journey of His Grace.   

Now I am still trying to navigate this new don't be surprised if you pop back in and don't recognize the design. I'm still playing with which one I like best! If you are one of our former You Belong subscribers, you can still get new posts automatically sent to you by signing up over there on the top of the right hand column. 
Looking forward to talking with my old friends and meeting some new ones 
Be Blessed ~ Regina

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  1. LOVE it! Okay, we needed your husband at our faculty/accreditation meeting while we were trying to come up with measurable objectives to go with our mission statement.
    Your family continues to be in my prayers! I can't wait to continue to follow your journey!