Thursday, December 29, 2011

A second call

We had our second call with the kids last night and again, it went amazingly well. We heard how they spent their Christmas (it was too cold to do much as it was... 78 degrees!) and what they got for Christmas (some really cool things!) and we told them we got a Wii and a trampoline they were very excited to hear about both of them.  They also told us about their sailing lessons and how well they are doing in school.  It was so fun  to hear the two oldest argue good-naturedly back and forth about who is the better swimmer. "You just wait, Mom and Dad," said the oldest boy, R, "I will show you next week when you come here that I can swim like a racing fish!" Now of course we can't wait to see our boy swimming in the Caribbean sea! It was endearing to see how excited our youngest boy, T, is that we will land in country on his 8th birthday. He has asked for fried chicken and noodles and "black" cake for his birthday dessert. I guess we'll have to wait to see if we have permission to take them out of their children's home before we promise him that! Otherwise, next year buddy you can have whatever your heart desires for your meal!

Now, for our journey in-country, sigh...I am sorry for the confusion and extra work, but I guess we will need to reuse our old website A Quiver Full and Then Some as it has password protection available. I need to be updating and posting pictures for our family and friends while we're gone and I still need to keep these posts and pictures more on the down low...for now anyway. If you want the new password , inbox me and I'll send it to you. Otherwise you can still check in here as I will still (hope I will)  post updates here, just  less detailed, and picture-less.
Six more sleeps till we're on that plane...

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