Saturday, December 17, 2011


WAHOO!!We are going to Bel.IzE!!! (Yes, I did that on purpose so the name doesn't show up on an internet search. Can't be blabbing too much yet!)
Anyway, we have been waiting since September when we found out this adoption was put on hold until we could meet the children and spend some time getting to know each other to make sure everyone was still a "go." Everyday I would wake and wonder...maybe today we hear from them. And the days and weeks and even months went by with nothing. It gets

But then last Sunday, my just-over-the-one-year warranty (figures) fancy-schmancy iron stopped working...just refused to turn on AND our vacuum cleaner started up with an ear-piercing scream and bit the dust as well. Our dryer started making this roaring noise like it was ready to blast off into outer space and our washing machine started leaking. Now for most people this would be devastating news and of course we're not happy about this, except that in our home, this usually means we will be getting some good news on the adoption front. Happens every single time. Starting in 2005 with Carissa'a adoption from China proceeding through 2006 with Ben and Bella and finishing up in 2008 with Sophia we have replaced nearly every single major appliance and several small appliances as well every time we had some significant movement on the adoption front. True story! I guess if Satan can't stop us from this journey he will try and steal our joy whenever/however possible and make us pay out for things when we really don't have the resources to do while shelling out big buck for the adoption fees. That is why we covet your prayers of protection for our family and our home during this time.
So last Sunday's broken-down appliances were no exception to the rule as yesterday. our agency contact, Allison, got great news from the DHS in country. She knew how excited we would be and tried to call me with the great news but I was at my Mom's house and didn't hear the phone ring in my purse (no surprise there...) I did however, hear the "missed call alert", and when I saw who's call I missed I called back right away. Not only has DHS extended the official invitation to come and visit the kids, they gave us contact information for the home they are in so that we can call them this weekend and begin the "getting to know you" process immediately. This is HUGE and amazing step!

Now unfortunately, even though I grew up in an age where the ONLY means of instant communication was talking on the telephone, (which BTW was connected to the wall with a long curled cord that was forever kinked up from being stretched as far as it could possibly go so you didn't have to stand by the wall the whole kids can't even picture that) I never really got the hang of that social skill. I have thus managed to avoid using a telephone for most of my life. I just hate talking on that thing. For me, the greatest invention in my lifetime was email. Instant communication... but with wordsmithing!! I am a lousy typer and it does take me forever to get an something written BUT the advantage is it makes sticking your foot in your mouth a lot harder....than usual. Still wish there was a sarcasm font though...

Thankfully David is nonplussed about this awkward way of meeting our kids and of this being their first impression of us (no pressure though) and he has promised to practice with me the art of making small talk on the phone. PRAYERS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Plus this week we got 4 new pictures of the kids...I can't wait to share them as soon as they give us the the green light to do so. As with our other children, we really keep winning the lottery as they are all incredibly beautiful. Just you wait and see if you don't agree that they are gorgeous!

On the housing front...well as long as you are praying, offer up one for that situation as well. We still have not found a house that meets our needs and we are seriously running out of time. We feel rather like the Israelites did standing in front of the Red Sea...Can't go clue where to go from here. While we are now looking at rental options David and I both have a gut feeling that just in the nick of time (and doesn't the Lord just love to do that?) the "Red Sea" will part and we will see the home He has intended for us all along. It is stretching our faith to say the least, but we are hanging on to this hope that we sold our house because we heard God said it was time to leave the city. We do not believe (yet) that it was just to wander aimlessly in the desert. No...we are hoping for the straight road to the Promised Land! Like all that Exodus analogy? ;)

So because we only have a few more weeks in this home, Christmas decorating is being kept to a bare minimum this year. Not unpacking all my Christmas stuff (and I have an entire storage room with just Christmas decorations)while I am in the middle of packing up the rest of the house! Nope...makes no sense. Instead of the family tradition of all going out and cutting a HUGE tree down, (they always look smaller in the field...) this year's 3' tree came out of a box... from the Dollar General Store. It came with lights, but I am not breaking out any more ornaments this year. Carissa decided she would cut a few paper snowflakes to decorate it a little and Benjamin who ever since he saw a picture of a two-headed snake is now obsessed with all snakes and decided the tree could use his plastic one for a decoration. (We think this is a very funny obsession as Benjamin will quickly and honestly tell you that he is not even " brave enough to pick up a worm") Thankfully, he likes to play with his snake more than decorate with it as it is more than creepy with that thing on our tree! Ok, I'll end this here, but I am gonna try to add a pictures after this in this new blog environment...
I did it! Yippee!

Just a boy...and his snake.

Isn't he cute...?

Isn't that creepy...?

Our lovely Chinese Princess, just out of bed adding the number of the day to our countdown calendar...

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