Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day one in Country

Wow, we made it and we are exhausted, but doing well. This will be just a quick note to let you know everything is good here. We apparently can't get on a fast enough internet connection in our actual room / bungalow to make the internet work too's VERY slow!

Long story short, the flights were uneventful though long and tiring. The visit with the kids this afternoon was very good. The girls, Z & B were a little distant at first whereas the boys jumped right in. But Z and B warmed up over time and did just great as things progressed.

We visited with the kids for about 6 hours today. They showed us their rooms and the whole facility where they live, and we played Wii with them for a while and visited and played till well after dark. Tomorrow we visit DHS and the Social Worker that is in charge of the kids to ask permission to take them out of the Children's Home for trips. Please pray this visit goes well and we make a good impression on this woman as she is the one who holds all the cards regarding the timing of when to release the kids' paperwork to us so we can file for the I800 and get this adoption back in the fast...well faster...lane!

Now while we were visiting with the kids, dozens of other children literally hung all over us during the entire visit. Many of them said things that let us know they wanted a family too. It breaks our heart to know these other beautiful children here are hurting. They know their friends will be leaving soon... and knowing they do not have a family yet. It is a shame that more Christians don't see the need and answer the call.

Well more tomorrow as we are BEAT from this long physically and emotionally challenging day.

Sending love and gratitude for all the prayers from this lovely country ~

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